Closing Down FAQs

Q. Are you going bust?

A. People always ask or assume this, but the answer is a big No!. We will continue trading until 30th August as normal.

Q. Are you in financial difficulty?

A. No. we are closing the business in an orderly and correct manner.

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. As stated, the personal sacrifice is too high to continue. It has been a difficult decision to make, but a necessary one.

Q. I have my car booked in, what will happen?

A. All jobs that are currently booked, we will endeavour to complete. If one of the staff leave before the closing date, it is highly likely we may have to cancel some jobs. Cars that are here already, we will finish.

Q. I want to book my car in, can I still do that?

A. We are nearly fully booked up to the closing date, so it is unlikely we will take on any more work, but you can call and ask.

Q. My car is booked in after the closing date, what will happen.

A. We will be on the phone cancelling those jobs, sorry!

Q. I want to book my car in after the closing date, can I do that?

A. No.

Q. What if I my car breaks down before the closing date, can I get it recovered to you?

A. No, we will not be doing any work other than what's booked.

Q. What will be the situation with mail order parts?

A. Our stock is now frozen, we will not be buying in any more parts. You can order anything on line that we have in stock. If it`s shown as in stock, but not present in our stores, we will issue a refund. Only items that are in stock will be shown on the website - errors excepted. There may be a delay on mail order parts as time goes on, due to expected demand. For Steering Suspension and Brake parts please check what is available at

Q. Can I just turn up and buy parts?

A. Until the closing date, yes of course.

Please keep an eye on the website for future updates.

Q. Where will I get my parts after 30th August?

A. In the immediate term, we will still be selling the parts that we have in stock. After the 30th August, everything we have in stock will still be listed on our website. We will process any orders, answer the phone and e-mail enquiries on Wednesdays ONLY between 0900 and 15.00. That's ONLY on Wednesdays, no other days. Outside of these times, you can buy online, leave messages, but we will only process it all and despatch on the Wednesdays. This arrangement will operate until most stock is sold. For Steering Suspension and Brake parts please check what is available at

Q. What if I turn up on other days?

A. There will be no one here.

Q. Who will look after my car now?

A. I am sorry to say that's up to you now, there are a few other businesses that are familiar with your car, I am sure that they will be happy to help.

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