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So who are Monkfish Performance?

Monkfish Performance are the UK’s Leading Vauxhall Monaro, VXR8 and Holden specialists.

Set up in 2005 by Andy and Roger specifically to cater for the then New Vauxhall Monaro that Vauxhall had decided to import from Australia, effectively a re-badged Holden Monaro. But why Monaros? Mainly because Roger already owned a 2003 Holden SS Ute that he had imported 2 years earlier and it seemed there was a need for a specialist in these cars. Plus we love em!

Starting out in a small unit in Brackley, it wasn’t long before Monkfish Performance outgrew the premises. By mid 2007, a move to Great Horwood to a much larger premises had taken place. Along with an increase in staff to a total of 4. At the same time, Monkfish Performance invested in a considerable amount of new equipment, including our Hunter 4 Wheel Aligner.

One of the challenges as the business grew was ensuring a good supply of spare parts to allow timely repair of cars brought to us for repair. Supply of parts from Vauxhall was erratic as well as often expensive.

As a result, Monkfish Performance decided that it would be necessary to hold our own stock for these cars. Today, we have over £150,000 of stock on site, solely for these vehicles. This allows us, not only to repair vehicles brought to us for repair, but also to supply owners and other garages with the necessary parts they need.

Fast forward to today, Monkfish Performance are established as he UK’s Leading Vauxhall Monaro, VXR8 and Holden specialists.

In addition to servicing, repair and spare parts, we offer a wide range of enhancement products featuring many of the best names in the aftermarket tuning industry. We don’t just sell these products, we drive them too! To help ensure you only get the best products, we only offer you products that we are happy to bolt to our own cars. Sure, there are lots of products we could stock that we don’t. In many cases, its because they don’t measure up. Often we have found this out the hard way! It’s a sad fact, that the quality and effectiveness of “tuning” products varies wildly.

We are able to advise on modifying your vehicle. Advice is offered based on actually having done the job. We have done everything from simple bolt on to full bespoke high power cars capable of 200mph. However, if we haven’t done something and don’t know the answer, we will say so.

Monkfish Performance – run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

Shown below are some of Andy and Rogers personal cars and projects:

2004 Holden SS Ute

Currently Rogers daily drive, this is an auto model. Acquired with very low miles, it has been rust proofed (by us) and lowered on a Pedders Superlow Suspension kit. Because low is cool! Further mods are not planned for this one.

2004 Vauxhall Monaro

This is the one Roger intends to go mad with! Plans are still not entirely clear, but an ambition to do 200mph at Vmax is one of the requirements. Christened Project Triple “M” it is currently “resting” in the car park with an engine that has a rod through the block. This will be the subject of some of our blog updates.

2005 Porsche 996 Turbo S

This is the run out model of the 911 996 series, and comes with 30mm lowered suspension, ceramic brakes and some other goodies. Andy fitted a nice set of 19" 997 Wheels, with massive 305 Tyres on the back. Now also re-mapped and with a new clutch to cope with the power.

1976 VW Camper

Another Australian vehicle owned by Roger. Minimal rust on this despite its age. Has had various improvements done including a top half respray (done at home). More of a rolling restoration this one.

1989 Porsche 944 Turbo

Another of Andys cars. Fitted with M030 suspension option, has a set of cup 2 alloys with front splitter and clear light lenses. This is currently running with a Promax level 2 kit, Wortec Switching exhaust, APEX I Electronic Boost Controller and is soon to be fitted with KW suspension.

1969 Dodge Charger RT/.SE

Recently completed this was the subject of an 11 year restoration, all done at home. Roger got completely carried away with this one. Now far to good to use and never used in the rain!

1977 Rover SD1

This is Andys 1977 Rover SD1 which has been bead blasted back to a bare shell, and then painted in Rover Trophy Blue. It is currently in the final stages of assembly, and I have fitted it with air con, later interior and a fully adjustable air suspension setup. Other mods include a ZF four speed auto box, remote start alarm, full stealth stereo install with period look MP3 player. But will Andy ever finish it?

1970 Triumph 2000 estate with Rover V8

Completed in the late 90’s by Roger, this triumph features heavily customised bodywork and a Rover V8. Currently minus an engine and waiting in the queue. Probably for a long time.

1980 Triumph Dolomite Sprint

Roger recently bought this – mainly because he owned it for 12 years previously. Not quite in the condition it once was. Needs some restoration and engine only runs on 3 cylinders.

2008 HSV Maloo

Now sold, this was Rogers daily drive for nearly 4 years. Features many of the modification listed on our VXR8 pages.

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